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                          Ambers U-Pick Cherry Farm

9300 Leona Avenue
Leona Valley, CA 93551
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Local Farm Unfiltered Wild Flower Honey for Sale.
We are open most days for sales of Honey and Farm Fresh Eggs.
Take the whole family up to cool beautiful Leona Valley (3,500 ft above sea level) for a relaxing and inexpensive day of cherry picking! Taste the cherries before you buy. There's many varieties to choose...from sweet red Bings to sweet yellow Rainier cherries. Cherries are competitively priced - no minimum purchase - no entry or parking fees. Bring a sack lunch and take a break under our cool shady pine-tree rest areas. Take in the blue skies and fresh air. Soda and water is sold from our cherry stand. We're just 50 minutes north of Los Angeles and several miles from beautiful Lake Elizabeth and Lake Hughes. Click Map To Ambers tab for directions. Just click Contact Us to send us a note. We sell blossom honey, cookbooks, t-shirts and cherry pitters too! Click RECIPES & NEWS tab for the latest promotions, news and links.  We will email our email list 1 week prior to opening. May 20th is an estimated date. Please stay tuned on the website or email us at ambersfarm@att.net and request to be added to the email list.

LOCAL FARM HONEY and FARM FRESH EGGS available most days. 
  1. Also Please See for other Cherry Farms on Leona Valley Cherry Growers Association Website: www.cherriesupic.com


Cherry Season will start at the end of May and month of June. We will be selling local farm honey on most days and farm fresh eggs.

We currently offer 20 different types of Sweet Cherries.

Most distinctive cherries shown above

You Tube Video April 1, 2017 Catching a Bee Swarm

We caught a Bee Swarm this April 1, 2017

Catching a Bee Swarm
Bees Swarm is amazing!
Catching a Bee Swarm
Bees Swarm is amazing!

Rainier Cherries


Bing Cherries


Park right by the trees..Very little walking..


We have about 100 plus trees producing right now (In the last 2 years we have replanted over 400 trees).....We have several varieties of cherries to choose from..........Bing, Rainier,Tartarian, Brooks,Tieton, Chelan, Vans, Lapins...


You Tube Video of Young Family

Family-Friendly Atmosphere. click photo.
Child-Safe Secure Grounds. click photo.
Cool, Shady, Pine-Tree Picnic Areas. click photo.
26 Picnic Areas! photo.
Easy-Pick Dwarf Trees. BIG Cherries. click photo.
Color Coded Trees For each Variety. click photo.
Clean Convenient Close Facilities
Water, Soda and Honey Sales
Wagons for the kids. click photo.
Dwarf & Full-Size Trees. click photo.
Pesticide-Free Cherries!
No herbicides!
Photo Gallery
Great Recipes

See How a Cherry Developes. click photo.
No Entry or Parking Fees.
No pets Please!
CASH ONLY. No Checks or Credit/Debit Cards.
What affects cherry prices?..See Recipes and News page.

Cherry Pitter Available & Video Demo

John Muir PBS Video W Ambers Farm In Cameo

Lake Elizabeth. 10 Miles West of Ambers Farm. Click Here


For a Map of Local Parks. Click Here.

9300 Leona Avenue
Leona Valley, CA 93551